Personalised Horse heart

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Personalised Horse heart. Handmade. 

Available in any breed and colour. 

To personalise: please fill out the boxes above.

  • Name 
  • Breed (if applicable) 
  • Colour (you can also add details of any distinctive markings)

For example:

  • Star 
  • Welsh cob 
  • Black with white socks (any extra details if required)

We do recommend providing a reference photo for the closest colour/marking match, particularly for mixed breeds/unusual colouring. You can send us a photo via email to and we will create your heart to the most possible likeness. Please include your order number and your horse’s name in the subject line. e.g. Order #99999 Star

Turnaround time is currently 1-2 weeks, please bear this in mind when ordering. 

Common breeds that we have already produced may be quicker, while more complex mixed breeds may be longer, this time allows for us to make your heart to the highest quality and likeness to your horse. 

We will notify you as soon as your heart is complete and in the post.

Measures 7.5x5.5cm approx.